What I have been up to

I have so many projects I am currently working on and more to begin before Christmas. I hope that I can find the time to finish them all, most of which are Christmas decorations and gifts. My two biggest projects are decorating my craft room (has been for the last 4 or so months) and reupholstering and painting my dining room chairs. At the moment my dining room chairs are a cherry wood with a cream colored seat. I am thinking of either painting them a robin eggs blue (one of my top favorite colors) or a shade of green. The table is not something I would like to keep for a dining table so I will be replacing it with something different to match the chairs. I am excited to start on this project and see the final product just hope it turns out as well as I am imagining it.

As soon as I get a quick chance I will be post one of my most recent projects and adding a new flower tutorial as well. I know I have been lacking in posts and promise to keep up with my blog a bit more. Also, I love checking out your blogs whether it be crafting,foods,fashion,family,life,sewing or whatever you enjoy so subscribe and leave a link to your blog.
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.


Halloween Cards

Here a few Halloween cards I have made to send out to family and friends. I used a few vintage digital images I got online. I love them I think for next year I will make a banner since I already made a banner for this Halloween or maybe I will just make another banner for fun.
I really like the way these turned out I have two more to make and I will finally be able to mail them all out.


Mini update "Lost and Found"

I have to be honest I have not been working onmy mini album too much actually not at all. A few nights ago I was ablt to start and finish two page layouts.

Rub N Buff

Finding inexpensive vintage looking frames is a bit difficult to find for a affordable price. I decided to experiment with Rub n' Buff, I love it. Its so easy to use and not very messy at all, If you make a mistake its easy to fix, really you can't make mistakes. They sell all different colors I got the gold because I wanted to give this small black frame I purchased at Michaels for a penny a aged look.
I was not quite sure it would turn out too well since it was my first time using Rub n' Buff but I love the results. I didnt use too much on this black frame because I also wanted the black to be visable.

This is what the frame looked like before Rub n' Buff

After I added a little Rub n' Buff

My end result
I would suggest giving it a try you won't be disappointed especially if you love the aged look. They come in many colors but I have not given those a try yet. Believe me I will be trying them and post a few pictures of how each color looks.
You can find them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels Crafts for less than $5.
I would ove to see what you create...


A vintage inspired brooch

I own quite a few cradigans and most of them are pretty plain so I decided to make a brooch. I picked out three felt fabrics that I thought went well with the Cream colored cardigan and also fall colors. I used the rolled rolled techinque and hot glue each rolled felted flower to the back of another piece of felt then hot glued the entire piece to a brooch clip I purchased at Joann's. I loved the way it turned out I love the colors I picked out a little vintage.
 I plan on wearing this with a brown skirt next Sunday. I'll have to post some pictures of the entire out this weekend. I will also have tutorial up soon on how to ceate this brooch.


Create...a banner

As I continue working on my studio organizing and rearranging and making it more comfortable. I figured why not make inspiring banners. This is the first banner I have created  which says 'create.' I love the way it turned out and how shabby chic it looks. The glitter gives it that lovely sparkle when the sunlight from my window shines on it. Love it.

Create something you will love even if the rest don't think its amazing.
 My next banner I will be working on will read "Inspire" I can not wait to work on this one, so stay tuned to see how it turns out.