What I have been up to

I have so many projects I am currently working on and more to begin before Christmas. I hope that I can find the time to finish them all, most of which are Christmas decorations and gifts. My two biggest projects are decorating my craft room (has been for the last 4 or so months) and reupholstering and painting my dining room chairs. At the moment my dining room chairs are a cherry wood with a cream colored seat. I am thinking of either painting them a robin eggs blue (one of my top favorite colors) or a shade of green. The table is not something I would like to keep for a dining table so I will be replacing it with something different to match the chairs. I am excited to start on this project and see the final product just hope it turns out as well as I am imagining it.

As soon as I get a quick chance I will be post one of my most recent projects and adding a new flower tutorial as well. I know I have been lacking in posts and promise to keep up with my blog a bit more. Also, I love checking out your blogs whether it be crafting,foods,fashion,family,life,sewing or whatever you enjoy so subscribe and leave a link to your blog.
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.

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