Sewing kit in a jar

About a week ago I was browsing through one of my favorite shops Anthropologie and saw that they were selling a sewing kit in a Mason jar. It was lovely but it was priced at $48, Then I remembered that I had a few that I had made under $10 about two years ago. Even though my sewing kit has a few supplies I found at the dollar store I also have a few vintage spools and button shanks.
The first is from Anthropologie and the other two pictured are my sewing kit.
This kit is very simple to re create especially if you already have most of the supplies all you need is a mason jar that you can purchase at your local thrift store for under $1.
I cant justify me paying the $48 for something I can easily make at home and make it my own. This would also make a great Christmas gift.

A look at what is inside
This not only can be used to store your sewing supplies but other items as well like glue sticks, buttons, candy. So if you are on a budget make your own and save.

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